Analytical laboratories K2pharm

Quality Control Laboratories are designed to meet the latest requirements of good manufacturing practice for food supplements and are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments to control the quality of our products according to actual pharmacopeias (PhEur, USP) and as specified in the relevant registration dossier.

Our Analytical Laboratory is equipped with:

- Knauer HPLC instrument
- SOTAX AT Xtend dissolution apparatus
- Analytical scales Metler Toledo XSE 205
- BrookField DVE viscometer
- Shimadzu UV-1800 UV / VIS spectrophotometer
- Nicolet IR spectrophotometer Avatar 320 FT-IR
- Aqualine Aqua Osmotic aqua purificator unit
- Ultrasonic bath Elma S70H
- Klimakomora Termobox HC0020
- Büchi Schwitzerland B-390 encapsulator
- Disintegrator DT 3
- pH meter Voltcraft PH-100 ATC
- Osmometer Osmomat 070

Several samples from our lab

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