Research and development in K2pharm

We offer the development of solid dosage forms - granules, pellets (spheres), tablets / coated tablets and capsules / coated capsules. Optimal formulation with respect to the physicochemical properties of both active and auxiliary substances and the use of special techniques is the basis for achieving superior quality, stability, efficacy and product safety.
It is often advisable to modify the active substances by micronization, solubilization, formation of complexes or admixtures and their granulation (dry and wet granulation methods, also hot melt). These mixtures can then be pelleted and filled into capsules, or compressed into tablets with subsequent coating. Solid pharmaceutical forms are packaged in primary packaging (blisters, plastic containers) and secondary containers (paper boxes and leaflets).

Our latest technologies include:

Multilayered coated tablets

Ensure release of active substances in the small intestine or the colon. By coating the tablets or capsules with several layers of special polymers, substances such as probiotics, amino acids, peptides, plant extracts, etc. will be protected from the undesirable acidic environment of the stomach and released in the part of the digestive tract where their bioavailability is highest for the human body. These are so-called targeted delivery supplements (TDSs).

Oils and pellets in a capsule

If we mix into one tablet a substance that dissolves in water (body own), and a substance that naturally dissolve in fats (must be delivered to the body), we greatly reduce the absorption of fat soluble substances in digestive tract. The solution is in the form of a capsule which is filled with both oil (containing active substances such as omega-3 acids) and solid pellets (containing water-soluble substances). The stability of such a capsule is then promoted by sealing the capsule joint, which seals the capsule hermetically and the oil does not leak through the joint.


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