We use these technologies

We use well-known and innovative pharmaceutical technologies for the preparation of solid dosage forms: particle size reduction, granulation, tablet compression, including fine compression of enzymes and sensitive substances, coating of tablets, multilayer coatings, filling of liquids (oils) into hard capsules pellets. We adjust into containers or PVC / PVDC / Aluminum blisters, secondary packaging in paper or plastic cartons. For semisolid and liquid forms, we use a process vacuum device with a colloidal mill and a high viscosity frame mixer. For liquid and dispersion systems with low viscosity we use aseptic magnetic stirrers with membrane valves.

List of available technologies for making oral dosage forms:

- High pressure micronizer - Homogenizer APV / Gaulin, max. Pressure 880 bar
- Fitzpatrick D6 hammer mill
- Frewitt oscillating mesh
- Horizontal homogenizer Lödige L 300
- Fielder high-speed granulator
- High-speed granulator Diosna
- Fuji pelletizing
- Process Aeromatic Dryer / Granulator / Coater
- Rotary tablet press JCMCO RH
- JCMCO two-layer rotary tablet press
- Capsule filler IMA A 40, filling of liquids, granules and pellets and combinations thereof
- Hicapseal Qualicaps
- Manesty ACC 400 Coating Sticker, HLC 100 Coating Machine
- GMPenta Blister / Carton, Rotovac 210 V Blister
- Blister foil printing machine FX 30
- Table Countable Countec (including lid / foil welding and labeling)

We use these technologies

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